Production Control

Factory audit and social audit

All facilities which produce items for Grani & Partners, have to undergo a factory audit and a social audit. The facility has to prove that the production standard meets the highest requirements.

The social audit is performed to assess the compliance of the factory for:

  1. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Standards
  2. Forced labor
  3. Child Labour/Young Employee
  4. Compensation
  5. Working Hours
  6. Non-Discrimination
  7. Workplace Health and Safety
  8. Environment
  9. Notification to Employees
  10. Subcontractors


Whenever a production starts at one of Grani’s facilities, several inspections are held by their own QC and third party QC.


Materials, part-manufactured, and the first fully finished production units are checked for related specifications and compared with reference samples approved by the final Client.

Daily or weekly Monitor Inspection

Grani QC checks that all the corrections and modifications required during the pre-inspection phase have been implemented.

Final Pre-Shipment Inspection

A specific number of units are taken from the final production run and checked. Grani follow international well known sampling plans. (Military Standards)