About UsAbout Grani & Partners

Established in 1980, Grani & Partners is a leader in the development and manufacture of licensed toy premiums, collectable items, capsule toys and part-work collections for global food multinationals, publishers, retail/restaurant chains, kiosks and vending machine markets. Headquartered in Modena, Italy, with manufacturing operations in Hong Kong and China, our licensed products are distributed all over Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East and South America. Our marketing strategy, combined with an unremitting focus on Italian design-quality and product innovation, has enabled us to maintain a continuous and prodigious expansion for over 30 years.

In 2002, Grani & Partners became a part of the Giochi Preziosi group which is Europe’s leading vertically integrated toy business with a turnover in excess of US$ 1 billion. If you would like to access more information on the group, please go to https://www.giochipreziosi.com

What Grani & Partners offers you is a 360 degrees service for the development and production of your products: WE take care of every single step while YOU concentrate on your core business. Our job is to make sure you receive the product you purchase (OEM or coming from our wide product range) exactly as per your plans, and we always fulfill it.

Some key features of our company:

  • Over 300 products developed every year, ranging from plastic injection toys to watches, from highly detailed die cast replicas with electronic functions to jewelry, from stationary to plush and many more
  • Well established relationships with some of the most important entertainment licensors, which made us become in some cases their Preferred Premium Supplier
  • Pan-European licenses for some of the hottest kids properties in the market
  • A staff of more than 150 people, including: 20 highly qualified graphic designers in Italy specialized in the design of licensed premiums and OEM innovative items, 5 different project management teams in Hong Kong, each specialized in a specific production field; 3 in-house engineers; more than 30 inspectors in Shenzhen that daily monitor the production processes of each single product; a team of 5 trained people focused on the safety requirements and lab testing procedure to ensure the compliance of our items to the strictest European and US standards.

Grani & Partners have a number of other divisions which include           

Preziosi Collection: Licensed and non-licensed collectables products for retail

Dolci Preziosi: Confectionary products with licensed premiums

Salati Preziosi: Salty snacks with licensed premiums

Partwork: Static & dynamic collecting, die cast vehicles and collectible products in general

Vending machines: Capsule toys and plush division

GP Publishing: Licensed magazines with cover mount; manga and comics

If you would like to know more information, please go to http://www.graniepartners.com/defaulteng.asp to access the Italian website.